"Construction : Quality : Quantity: Mining"


Pathak Engineers is active in the high margin limestone and coal mining business with over a decade’s experience in contract mining, having gained valuable experience at a time when the captive mining business was not even on the radar of competitors.
Prominent features that make Pathak Engineers the obvious contract mining partner of choice competent and best suited to take on the sector's specific needs and challenges include:

Pathak Engineers’s ability to harness technology to  its advantage reflected in the fact that Pathak Engineers was the first player in the country to have prudently invested in superior surface mining technology: a technology imported from Wirtgen, Germany and Volvo, Sweden that eliminates conventional operations like drilling, blasting and crushing. Enables controlled excavation. Is not labour-intensive nor is it risky like the conventional mining process.

The technology that can also be used in the widening of highways, construction of mega highways, bridges and airport projects, where cutting to precision is critical.
Pathak Engineers’s capability to extract ( coal) over 25000 tonne per day, significantly higher than industry peers.
Company’s  proven track record in servicing prestigious clients such as Mahanadi Coal Fields Ltd (a subsidiary of Coal India Ltd), TATA Chemicals Ltd, ACC, Reliance Petroleum Ltd, Narmada Cement Ltd, Ambuja Cement Ltd and Saurashtra Cement Ltd, amongst others  etc.